Often, company executives get caught up in their own brands, failing to recognize when the brand is becoming stagnant and stale in the eyes of its target market. A brand can quickly begin to look like a weathered piece of clothing or an old car from another era, when its brand essence falls out of step with the expectations of its customers. This effect is more pronounced to potential consumers who never had exposure to the brand in it’s heyday.

SocialMedia ventures into live sport entertainment as Facebook and NBC team up to air the Olympics. Read more on: http://www.utalkmarketing.com/pages/Article.aspx?ArticleID=23441&Title=Facebook_and_NBC_team_up_for_Olympics

Before we get started it is important to define what is meant by social networking.

Social Networking is the use of dedicated websites to communicate informally with other members of that website by posting messages, comments, status updates and pictures. Social networking provides and online platform that puts people with particular interests together – some social network sites are dedicated to specific interests, while others such as Facebook and Twitter are not. Most social network services are either web or phone based and provide an instant way to interact over the Internet.

Google has developed a range of products to make your online experience broader, easier and more accessible.


More commonly known as the largest search engine, Google also provides a range of products that allow users to create a complete online profile. Among these products is Google Sites.

1.Give them what they are looking for!
Make sure you provide relevant, original content that is easy to read and full of information. Your content should be dynamic and regularly updated.


2.Enrich your copy with keywords
Content that is keyword rich is picked up by search engines. Therefore keyword rich content will rank highly and be displayed in the search results, making visitors more likely to click through and increasing the traffic to your site.