We add value to our client’s brands by helping them communicate more effectively, stand out, engage & connect.

Getting your message across to your target audience has become more complicated with the evolution and explosion of potential platforms to talk to your market. It used to be print, TV, Radio & Outdoor. Now it’s Web, Mobile, Digital, Apps, Social Media, Google+, Blogs, PPC Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, E-Mail Marketing, Viral Campaigns, Google Adwords, etc, etc, and the list goes on. It is vital to have an integrated solution that ultilises the right mix of platforms and channels to effectively market your products and services.

We have developed a method based on six fundamental stages in the marketing and branding process, that are essential in the creation and execution of innovative marketing exercises.


Research + Insight + Strategy + Creative + Development + Deployment = Solution


Our holistic and integrated method ensures that from initial research and insight, through to the deployment of marketing communication, branding, on-line & off-line campaigns, PR, etc, that the right message is getting to the right audience in an innovative way. It’s how we help out client’s differentiate themselves from their competitors and engage in more interesting and rewarding relationships with their customers and clients.
Whether it be a few meetings with client or conducting comprehensive market research, research is fundamental in gaining insight into how to find a unique and effective way to differentiate and market a brands products or services. The market is saturated with businesses trying to gain attention. In an aggressive and saturated world of advertising and marketing, it’s vital for companies to find a way to stand out and engage their audience.
To us, insights are the keys that unlock ideas and facilitate innovation, they are essential ingredients in being innovative. These insights guide our brainstorming process, thrashing & throwing out ideas, searching for a unique and original solution that is going to differentiate your company’s product and services, and an effective combination of delivery mechanisms to get the right message across to your desired target audience.
Armed with understanding, insight and ideas, we start to formulate a strategy that will guide and align all marketing activities, creative development and set out the overall objectives and milestones. From basic planning to comprehensive marketing & brand strategy, we build the necessary strategy for you to effectively market against your competition. In modern day business, it’s a given that the quality of strategy is fundamental to success.
This is where it gets fun and we once again start the brainstorming, idea generation process and work at developing concepts that fulfill the strategy's objectives. We focus on creative and innovative concepts that will deliver unique communication messages and integrate them with innovative campaign mechanisms. We never lose focus on the strategic objectives of the project and ensure that all creative development is in alignment with the set out objectives.
This is where it gets technical and we put all our ideas on to the production line and build the final product. Great ideas require great development and execution. We have the perfect blend of skills and experience that allows to execute across traditional and digital platforms, a 360º solution to development that goes from print, to web, to digital, through to apps. This holistic offering is part of what makes our work effective, and not just pretty design.
Strategy in place, troops aligned, weapons manufactured and you are ready to go to war with your competitors. Our integrated approach to deployment is about plugging in, flicking that switch and making sure that our the elements of our marketing, branding and advertising campaigns go live with a bang. The level of impact in setting things in motion is directly related to the impression made on your target audience.
Our holistic 360º process methodolgy builds effective branding and marketing solutions

We like to see ourselves as our clients communications partners and engage with our clients in developing innovative 360º marketing & branding solutions. We enjoy working with them at each stage of the process and value their involvement in the development of marketing strategy, brand formulation, creative execution and integrated delivery across multiple platforms and channels.

Get in touch and we will show you how our method can add spark to your marketing

We recently engaged Frontline to do our corporate brochure and website, and within a short period, their creativity has exceeded our expectations. They have significantly raised the profile of our Foundation by designing and producing quality marketing collateral. FLS have also been instrumental in designing and developing our new website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, lifting our online presence through search engine optimization. We are very excited with this new partnership and are happy to have a relationship with such an innovative agency.

Zanele Modiba
Foundation Director


Frontline has been working with Coal of Africa for 4 years mainly involved in the branding and supply of corporate paraphernalia. We have been extremely pleased with the level of attention to detail, ability to deliver timeously and strategic input into our branding process.

Sakhile Ndlovu
Investor Relations Manager


Frontline Studio came on board as our marketing, branding and digital agency in 2010. They came to the table with resources and creativity that enabled us to achieve our communication, media relations objectives, positioning Musa Capital as a formidable brand in the financial services arena. They offered viable solutions to give our firm an online presence, improving our online rankings and enhancing our social media interactions. Frontline Studio is a team of strategic, creative thinkers who deliver on their promise all the time, every-time.
They are a pleasure to work with.

William Jimerson
Executive Director